Does the “Crack” Heard During My Treatment Improve My Clinical Outcomes

These authors state that the “crack” you hear during your chiropractic adjustments may improve the outcome of an adjustment, but the therapeutic benefits of the audible crack are likely to be more psychological, and not physiological

Does an audible release improve the outcome of a chiropractic adjustment?

J Can Chiropr Assoc. 2004 Sep; 48(3): 237–239.

Clinical scenario
A 24-year-old female presented to the chiropractic clinic with low back pain and neck pain. During the chiropractic treatment, the patient enquired about the significance of the “crack” that accompanied the adjustment. The audible release is a phenomenon that is familiar to chiropractors. Although it is widely accepted that this “cracking” sound is generated by a cavitation mechanism, there are a number of opinions regarding the significance of the audible release to a chiropractic adjustment. The author wonders if there is any evidence to suggest that an audible release is a necessary component to a successful adjustment.

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