Non-Prescription Treatments for Menstrual Migraine


Non-Prescription Treatments for Menstrual Migraine 

Given that this patient population is quite large, many patients who experience menstrual migraines are otherwise healthy and express a strong interest in attempting to prevent or manage their migraine headaches without the use of prescription strength medications.

Some non-pharmacological therapies that have shown promise in the prevention of menstrual migraine headaches include magnesium supplements and/or Vitamin E. The mode of action of magnesium in migraine is not specifically clear or hormonally correlated, but some studies show that there may be a diminished magnesium level in association with migraine headaches. Vitamin E is a progesterone antagonist, and therefore has been proposed as a potential treatment for menstrual migraines because of the progesterone fluctuations that occur during the menstrual cycle.

Cathodal treatment is another interesting approach to the prevention of menstrual migraine, involving externally placed electrode-mediated stimulation of the visual cortex. A small study demonstrated an improvement in menstrual migraine with the use of cathode stimulation, but it did not clearly demonstrate superiority to placebo.

Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Menstrual Migraine for Patients

While neurologists do not typically recommend vitamin supplementation in the absence of a documented, clinically significant vitamin deficiency, patients often ask about vitamin supplementation, particularly for the treatment of non life-threatening conditions such as menstrual migraine. Given the debilitating nature of migraine headaches, most patients are agreeable to prescription medications and are compliant with instructions. Yet, for a variety of reasons, some patients are unable to tolerate medications due to side effects, particularly the preventative medications.

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